About us

We are a team of enthusiasts who create a brand that combines comfort, style, and creativity in every piece of knitwear.

Our history goes a long way back, as we have specialized in producing top-quality knits for over 30 years. We proudly say that our knits are chosen by customers worldwide and appreciated for their excellent craftsmanship and unique designs.

We believe that fashion is not only a way to dress but also an expression of personality and a conscious approach to the world. Therefore, we put great emphasis on creating knits that are not only beautiful, but also skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

Our collections encompass various styles, from fun and colourful patterns for children to elegant and modern designs for adults, including clothing, lingerie, sports, and fabrics.

We strive to innovate, keep up with the latest trends, and listen to the needs of our customers to always provide them with what they expect.

All our knits are carefully selected and tested to meet the highest quality standards. We pay attention to every detail so you can enjoy excellent comfort and a unique style.

Thank you for being with us on this fashionable journey!

Pawotex Knitwear Factory

Our knitwear complies with the highest European quality standard, confirmed by the Oeko-Tex certificate.

Discover unique designs inspired by global trends!

Together, we can create patterns on fabrics and knits that will capture attention and set your products apart in the market.

On the website of our online store, you’ll find many of our past designs so that you can acquaint yourself with our diverse design skills—but this only scratches the surface of what we can do. At Pawotex Knitwear Factory, there are no limits to our capabilities.

If you are interested in collaboration or have ideas for a project, contact our team, and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities of working together.

Distinctive Design is Our Forte

Welcome to our creative department, where we are continually inspired by global trends to create unique designs on fabrics and knits. We are a team of designers and graphic artists brimming with passion and ideas, marrying their artistic skills with technical knowledge to craft exceptional designs that will seamlessly align with your collection.

Our approach to fabric design is innovative and bold. We embrace boundless creativity and experimentation with varying styles, colours, and textures.

Whether you seek a subtle, dynamic, or abstract composition, our design team will create designs that meet your expectations and embody the essence of your brand.

In our creative hub, we merge traditional design techniques with modern tools such as graphic design software and digital illustrations. We offer a broad spectrum of styles and themes to accommodate diverse preferences and market trends. We are also open to embracing your own ideas and concepts to create personalised designs that reflect your vision and uniqueness.

When crafting designs for knits, we consider not just aesthetics but also practical application and technical aspects of production. With our expertise in fabrics and printing processes, we can tailor designs to material specifications and ensure optimal results.

Our creative team works with zeal and dedication to deliver not just aesthetically appealing designs, but also functional solutions. We keep abreast of the latest fashion trends to stay in tune with market demands and provide you with designs that are fresh, innovative, and unique.



In our knitting section, we blend tradition with modernity, creating durable and fashionable knits. We utilise the latest machines and technologies to ensure superb precision and reliable quality of our products. Our knitwear section is also ready to meet your individual needs.

If you have an idea for a unique knit, we are ready to take up the challenge and collaborate with you to realise your project. We can adapt to various requirements and specifications thanks to our flexibility and production capabilities. Join the circle of our satisfied customers and enjoy high-quality knits that will meet your expectations.


We will easily match the best printing method to your expectations.

We offer:
• Rotary printing
• Digital printing
• Sublimation printing

Our experienced team of specialists work with the utmost precision and attention to detail. We possess a printing facility equipped with state-of-the-art machines that utilise the highest quality pigments and paints. As a result, our products boast high durability, resilience, and aesthetics. Regardless of whether you are a fashion designer, clothing manufacturer, or a creator of home textiles, our printing technologies will allow you to achieve exceptional results and meet even the most demanding needs.


A process where the design is applied to the fabric using a printing roller. This technique is particularly effective for producing large quantities of fabrics, as it allows for continuous printing across the entire material width. That makes creating repeatable patterns and motifs on knits with various structures and fibre compositions possible. This printing method offers many advantages. Firstly, it is an exceptionally durable and abrasion-resistant way of applying designs to fabric. Our products maintain vivid colours even after many washes, which is crucial in the clothing industry. Secondly, rotary printing allows for the precise reproduction of even the most complex designs, providing unlimited design possibilities.


A process where the design is applied to the material using special digital printers. This technique allows for precise reproduction of the fabric’s most complex designs, details, and colour gradients. The ability to print in high resolution and unlimited colours allows for creating unique and original designs that will set your products apart in the market. This technique enables flexibility and scalability in production. We can print both small batches and large orders without the need for creating matrices or printing forms. That is particularly beneficial for designers experimenting with different designs and testing new collections.


The technique that allows for the creation of vivid, durable, and multicoloured designs on a variety of knits and fabrics. Sublimation printing operates on the principle of converting dyes into a gaseous state, which then penetrate the fibre structure. This process ensures remarkable durability of the design, as the dyes are “embedded”, meaning they neither wear off nor fade during washing or use. It is primarily carried out on polyester materials. Sublimation printing on fabric is particularly popular in the clothing and sports industry. If you are a fashion designer, clothing manufacturer, or someone in search of exceptional fabric, then rotary printing is the ideal solution for you. Regardless of whether you are interested in subtle designs, intense colours, or unique textures, our rotary printing technology will enable you to achieve the desired effects. We invite you to collaborate with us and we guarantee that our professional service and high-quality printing will meet your highest expectations. Utilise the potential of various printing techniques on materials and make your projects a reality!

Order your dream print.

Discover unique designs inspired by global trends!

Together, we can create patterns on fabrics and knits that will capture attention and set your products apart in the market.

If you are interested in collaboration or have ideas for a project, contact our team, and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities of working together.


At Pawotex Fabric Factory, we diligently carry out quality control processes to ensure that every product meets our stringent standards. We utilise the latest tools and technologies to monitor and evaluate the quality of our products at every stage of production. From raw materials to the final product, each element is tested to ensure excellence. We continuously refine our quality control procedures to meet the highest industry standards. We value transparency and integrity in our operations, thus we proudly uphold our high quality control standards. We also believe in continuous improvement. Based on the feedback and opinions of our clients, we monitor processes and implement enhancements to better meet their expectations. We are confident that you too will be satisfied with the quality of our products.

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